New Tropico 4 Challenges

Isle of the Ancient Tropincas Challenge

A new discovery on your island has found that it was once inhabited by an ancient race known as Tropincas. Now you must create your island to bring attention to this ancient race by targeting historians and tourists…

The 5 Year Plan Sandbox Challenge

What is your five year plan that you talk about in speeches, El Presidente? This sandbox high score challenge gives you the opportunity to build a Tropico island in five years. Oh, yeah, and buildings are FREE…

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Challenge Editor

We were excited with the release of Tropico 5. Why? Because it would mean many more engaging user-challenges being created. We were excited to create new challenges and feature the best user-made challenges. Only one problem… Kalypso killed the map and challenge editor for Tropico 5. It’s hard for us to conceive how this could […]

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Tropico 4 Tips

If you need help learning how to find and arrest criminals, then this tutorial will walk you through the process…

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Tropico 4 News

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted on and there is a good reason for that. When Kalypso released Tropico 5 more than a year ago, they removed two vital functions that were in Tropico 4… the Map Editor and the Challenge Editor.  It seemed like a massive slap in the face to the Tropico […]

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Latest Videos

Here are two great videos giving some insight into the new Tropico 4: Modern Times expansion pack including the new Metro…

El Presidente… every time one of our ships leaves port, it never arrives at its destination. It’s as if the ship vanishes into thin air!

Seems that the water around our island is quickly disappearing. Wait… what’s that on the horizon? It looks like a wave!

It’s an oil spill! Your island has been hit with a huge environmental disaster – an oil spill. And all that oil is headed to your shores!

This is the official trailer for Tropico 4 that was released in June 2011, just a few months before the official game release…

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