Kalypso Fails to Deliver Map or Challenge Editor with Tropico 5

We were excited with the release of Tropico 5. Why? Because it would mean many more engaging user-challenges being created. We were excited to create new challenges and feature the best user-made challenges.

Only one problem…

Kalypso killed the map and challenge editor for Tropico 5.


It’s hard for us to conceive how this could be left out of Tropico 5. It’s one of the most vital elements of the game. And here’s why:

1) User created challenges keep users engaged in the game long-term. Whether creating or just playing them, it keeps them going (like the Energizer Bunny). This is vital to a successful game series because the longer a user stays engaged, the more likely he/she is to buy a DLC.

2) The Map and Challenge editor helps build a sense of community. Some of the longest running posts on the Kalypso Tropico 4 forum are the challenge editor threads or a user excitedly sharing that he/she has just created a challenge and wants others to try it out.

3) It “invests” people more in the game. A person who is invested or immersed in a game is more likely to spend money on current and future Tropico products. It also builds a bond and loyalty between the user and the game. The Challenge Editor and Map Editor in Tropico 4 is what kept people playing and invested long-term.

In Tropico, it’s important to manage the “economics” of the game. It’s equally important for Kalypso to manage the “economics” of the Tropico series. They likely got bad advice somewhere that went something like this…

“Hey, if we leave out a map/challenge editor then more people will buy our DLCs when they are released. Right? It makes sense… the only additional missions they can play are ones we create.”

Bad Advice! A public relations and gaming economics specialist familiar with Tropico would have provided much better advice along the lines of…

“It’s vital that we ship the game with a Map/Challenge Editor because that is the key to keeping the players playing between DLCs. We must keep them engaged and invested in the game. If a person is no longer playing the game then there will be little interest in them buying our future products. This should be a top priority.”

If a Map/Challenge Editor fails to appear for Tropico 5 then it wouldn’t be surprising to see a lower ratio of DLC sales (DLC Sales to Number of Owners) than with Tropico 4. It’s also a shame that Kalypso failed to see how shipping a Map/Challenge Editor with the release of the product builds a stronger “investment”, “engagement”, and loyalty for the game.

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