Tropico 4 Challenge Editor Wish List

Last Updated: October 22, 2011

This is my wish list for the Tropico 4 Challenge Editor which would be of great assistance in creating much better (and more interactive) challenges.

– More people/character screens that can be used in stories. For example, the main cast of characters are people like Penultimo, Sunny Flowers, etc. It would be nice to have some characters to select from that aren’t in the main game (i.e. John Doe – with picture).  By having more characters, it gives challenge editors more people to chose from to help tell a story. In addition, if I “kill” one of these characters off in a challenge, you’re not going to hear them on the radio or get an optional task from them.

– A blank screen for narration. This is a screen exactly like the character screens, except with no picture and no name. Screens like this can be used to help tell/narrate part of the story/challenge.

– Ability to “disable” a building that I’ve placed in the Map Editor. In some of my challenges, I want to disable a building I’ve put on the island until a particular time. This currently can’t be done. I can do things like set Max Workers to 0, but that just puts a line through the worker spots and still allows a person to enable them. It would be very helpful to have a feature where we can disable/control a building until we want the player to.

– Ability to do a “fireworks display”. Fireworks, of course, are built into the game and appear when you issue the National edict. I’d like the option of setting of the fireworks at a point I want to in the game without issuing the edict. This might be part of a July 4 celebration or to reward a major accomplishment in the game by El Presidente.

– Ability to have Custom Win and Custom Lose screens. When I add “Player Wins Game” or “Player Loses Game” to a sequence, I’d like the ability to add my own text. Right now, you can’t add text to the Player Loses Screen and the Player Wins Screen you have to edit the Mission Editor. I’d like to be able to customize my win/loss text to the event that caused the player to win or lose.

– Ability to place private buildings on Map. It would also be nice to have some of the Rock Formations, etc. in the Map Editor for us to use.

– Ability to decide location of starting camera shot. If I already load an existing island and move the Palace, the first shot people see when the game starts is where the Palace USED to be, not where it is now. It would be nice to be able to set the starting point of the camera.

– This one is a mega longshot – I realize that. But the ability to embed YouTube videos, for cut scenes, would be ultra cool and helpful.

– It looks like you intended for Challenge creators to be able to select when a radio broadcast plays. It would be nice to see this feature working.

Thank you for your consideration. These additions would help people like me build better challenges to hold people over until you release dlc/expansions/new versions and would help keep the interest high for a longer period of time.

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