Contribution Goal Reached – New Tropico 4 Challenge Forthcoming

From: Joe Tracy Date: December 19, 2011 I’m pleased to announced that the first challenge contribution goal of raising $100 has been reached. Thanks to generous contributions by Adam, John, Peter, Robin, Melissa, Eike, and Stefan, I am now able to set aside time to design a new in-depth Tropico 4 challenge. As noted on the […]

Isle of the Ancient Tropincas Challenge

A new discovery on your island has found that it was once inhabited by an ancient race known as Tropincas. Now you must create your island to bring attention to this ancient race by targeting historians and tourists…

Space Race Challenge

This Tropico 4 user-created Space Race challenge tasks you to build a space program on your Tropico island. Your goal is to create a rocket and be able to send someone up in it to space, which takes lots of preparation…

7 Flags Tropico Challenge

7 Flags Tropico challenges you to build a thriving tourism industry while unraveling some of the mysteries of the 7 Flags Tropico island. This challenge has cut scenes, including a satirical “performance” by Charlie Sheen…


Texas Tea Challenge

Texas Tea challenges you to meet the demands of oil billionaire Keith Preston by building oil wells and refineries while fighting off the attempts of Environmentalists to stop you…


7 Flags Tropico – Cut Scene 01

This is the pre-game cut  scene for the Tropico 4 Challenge titled, “7 Flags Tropico”. Play this cut scene just before you begin the game.