The 5 Year Plan Sandbox Challenge

Challenge Name: The 5 Year Plan (high score sandbox challenge)
Difficulty: Super Easy
Creator: Joe Tracy of
Map Designer: Sergey Slitkov
Release Date: October 27, 2011
Story-based? No
Disasters? No
Elections? No
Created by Yes
Special Notes: Buildings are free in this challenge.

You are El Presidente and you have a five year plan to create the best island in all of Tropico.  Who knows, you might even complete the five year plan in four years! But then again, maybe not, since the mission lasts only until the fifth year of your reign.

Challenge Notes
This mission challenges you to build the best city you can by the fifth year, while trying to get a “high score”. It’s not easy to get score points in this mission as the difficulty is only 1%. Therefore scores above 100 points will be rare. But who am I kidding? You are El Presidente. You should be able to easily get more than 100 points, right?

This is not a typical challenge. We specialize in story-based challenges like Texas Tea, 7 Flags Tropico, and Isla de Gotham. But to take a break from the hundreds of hours of scripting large story-based challenges, we decided to do a more simplistic sandbox high-score challenge inspired by El Presidente’s radio speech where he says he is on track to “complete the five year plan in four years”. It got us thinking. What is the five year plan exactly?  Only you can answer that now.

The challenge starts in 1950 and ends in 1955. We will have a tips section up soon.

You can use the Contact Page to contact the author. Also, feel free to post your thoughts about The Five Year Plan challenge in the Comments section below.

How to Play
Load Tropico 4. From the Main Menu, select Challenges > Browse > Online. Under “Title” type “The 5 Year Plan” (without the quotes) and hit Return/Enter on your keyboard. “The Five Year Plan” will show up. Click it then click Play.

Need Help with this Challenge?
Visit our Five Year Plan tips page.


  1. I really enjoyed this short, well-designed challenge. Scored 181 on my first attempt, 191 on the second. Submitted islands online. Keep up the good work.

  2. You nailed the challenge. I didn’t think anyone was going to surpass your 181 score, but then you went and topped it yourself. lol. Great job!

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