7 Flags Tropico Challenge

Challenge Name: 7 Flags Tropico
Difficulty: Medium
Creator: Joe Tracy of TropicoChallenges.com
Release Date: October 8, 2011
Story-based? Yes
Created by TropicoChallenges.com? Yes
Special Notes: This challenge contains “Cut Scenes”. It is also part of a bigger campaign. This is “Mission 1”.

After being given $3 Billion to turn an island into a tourist destination, Lord Timo instead spent virtually all the money on building a private island with a private Palace. Now Lord Timo is missing (see Cut Scene). An island taskforce has been assembled to appoint a new leader. And the lucky winner? You, El Presidente! Only, instead of having $3 billion to spend on building a tourism industry, you only have $25,000.

You can use the TropicoChallenges.com Contact Page to contact the author. Also, feel free to post your thoughts about the challenge in the Comments section below.

How to Play
Load Tropico 4. From the Main Menu, select Challenges > Browse > Online. Under “Title” type 7 Flags and hit return. From the list that comes up, select the one that says, “7 Flags Tropico (Mission 1, Version 2)”.

More than 100 hours went into creating this mission, including all the cut scenes, development, play testing, bug fixing. If you enjoyed it and want to see more continue to be developed, please consider making a “buy me a coffee” contribution. See the right hand sidebar for details. Thanks and enjoy!

Need Help with this Challenge?
Visit our 7 Flags Tropico Tips page.



  1. This was an absolutely excellent challenge. Loved every minute playing it.

  2. random guy says:

    very nicely done! thanks for the challenge

  3. Just finished it. Excellent. Standing ovation. My compliments to the author of this challenge.

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