Isla de Gotham – Luchador Superhero Challenge

Challenge Name: Isla de Gotham (Superhero Challenge)
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Creator: Joe Tracy of
Map Designer: Sergey Slitkov
Release Date: October 22, 2011
Story-based? Yes
Created by Yes
Special Notes: There are no elections and no disasters in this challenge.

El Comodin is a crime lord that has virtually taken control of Isla de Gotham, an island in Tropico. Past leaders have been bribed or slain at the hands of El Comodin. Now you are here to try and do what no one else could – defeat El Comodin and return the island to the people. To do this you will need some “Superhero” abilities and a sidekick. You get both in this challenge that concludes with a large battle and an important decision you must make… Viva El Luchador!

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How to Play
Load Tropico 4. From the Main Menu, select Challenges > Browse > Online. Under “Title” type “isla de gotham” (without the quotes) and hit Return/Enter on your keyboard. “Isla de Gotham (Superhero Challenge)” will show up. Click it then click Play.

Need Help with this Challenge?
Visit our Isla de Gotham Tips page.


  1. Not bad, Joe. But not as good as your 7 flags.

  2. SapphireBullets says:

    Quite enjoyable. The narrative was a bit odd (First person perspective? Mein gosh!) and it felt a little easy in places but quite enjoyable overall. At least 7/10, though I’ll give this an 8/10.

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