Isle of the Ancient Tropincas Challenge

Challenge Name: Isle of the Ancient Tropincas
Difficulty: Easy
Creator: Laurie
Release Date: November 3, 2011
Story-based? Yes
Created by No

An interesting discovery has been made on an island in the Caribbean. It seems that archaeologists have discovered signs of an ancient race that once inhabited the island. Many historically significant finds are being made and the decision has been made to preserve the culture and build the island as a destination for historians and tourists to learn all about this race that lived hundreds of years ago. Because the island has historic significance, industry has been banned as well as power plants.

You are to build the island into a thriving tourist and historian destination. You achieve this through a “point” system called “Reputation”. When your reputation reaches 150, you win the game. If you don’t complete the challenge by 1975. You gain reputation points for tourist attractions like museums, blimp, ethnic enclave (see our cheat sheet) and you lose reputation points for building things like banks, guard stations, armories, etc. So the key is to carefully select what you build.

Unfortunately we have no contact information for “Laurie”. However, feel free to share your thoughts on this challenge in the Comments section below.

How to Play
Load Tropico 4. From the Main Menu, select Challenges > Browse > Online.  Look for “Isle of the Ancient Tropincas” within the first 3 pages (as of this writing it was on page 3, but will no doubt go higher as more people play it).

My Thoughts (only posted for Challenges not created by
I found this challenge to be really well thought out. In essence there is one main task – to get 150 Reputation within 25 years. You have many options (and story tasks) to decide how you want to go about this. Laurie has done several challenges before, but this is by far her best to date. She seems to really have a good grasp of the Challenge Editor and it shows in this challenge.

The use of a point structure attached to various buildings and having positive or negative effects really added a unique flare to the game play. If I were to have one minor complaint about this challenge, it is that within the 15 years it took me to complete, I was hit with somewhere around 6 disasters. But that’s a minor complaint. The challenge is great and I recommend it for some additional Tropico 4 fun.


  1. Can you please add a table to your blog that details which buildings increase or decrease your reputation score?

    Scenic Outlook, Ethnic Enclave, Balloon Ride, Blimp, Bungalow, Botanical Garden, Tour Office, Academy of Science, College, Museum, Colonial Museum

    Bank, Museum of Art, Zoo, Police Station, Fire Station, Guard Station, Armory, Radar Dish, Newspaper, Garage, Marina, Luxury Lin, Aqua Pool, Spa

  2. SapphireBullets says:

    Quite enjoyable and challenging. A little frustrating in some of it’s restrictions (No Marketplaces?) but quite doable overall.
    I liked the writing pretty well, though it’s perhaps not quite got the cynical edge of Tropico’s core humour.

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