Space Race Challenge

Challenge Name: Space Race
Difficulty: Easy
Creator: Vordran
Release Date: October 13, 2011
Story-based? Yes
Created by No

Tropico is embarking on a Space Race to reach the stars and beyond. It’s up to you to get the island set to send a rocket into space. And there’s a lot to consider. What will the astronauts eat? How will they get there? How will the rocket be constructed? It’s time to get busy, El Presidente!

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How to Play
Load Tropico 4. From the Main Menu, select Challenges > Browse > Online. Under “Title” type “Space Race” (without the quotes) and hit return/enter on your keyboard. It will pop up for you to select and Play.

My Thoughts (only posted for Challenges not created by
This was a really fun challenge to play. It was very well crafted and keeps your interest throughout. There will several tasks, some of them nicely grouped into pairs so that you are working on two main tasks at once. The options at the very start of the game are nice and each gives nice “start of game” perks (see image below).


  1. SapphireBullets says:

    Great challenge with good writing and an enjoyable pace.

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