Texas Tea Challenge

Challenge Name: Texas Tea
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Creator: Joe Tracy of TropicoChallenges.com
Release Date: September 19, 2011
Story-based? Yes
Cut Scenes? No

A Texas billionaire, Keith Preston, has just purchased an island that is rich in oil resources. His goal is to suck the island dry and make tons of money doing so. He’s heard that you are the perfect person to run the island. The more money you make from exporting oil, the more he gives you for your private Swiss Bank Account. It sounds easy, after all, you are El Presidente. But it seems the Environmentalist Faction is throwing a fit at the site of oil wells “littering” the island and “sucking the blood” out of Mother Earth. They will stop at almost nothing to prevent you from turning the island into a oil theme park. At one point in the game called “The Choice” you will have to make one of two decisions that will lead the game into a completely different direction.

How to Play
Load Tropico 4. From the Main Menu, select Challenges > Browse > Online.  Texas Tea appears on the first page. Select it to see the description of the game. When you’re ready to play, click Play.



  1. SapphireBullets says:

    Gave this one a try in Tropico. The first mission (Build a farm) doesn’t seem to register completion properly.
    Could it possibly be conflicting with the newer DLCs? (I have both.)

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