The 5 Year Plan Challenge Tips

The 5 Year Plan is a sandbox challenge where you have five years to turn Tropico (and your Swiss Bank Account) into a massive success. Because it is a Sandbox challenge, it is not a story-based game with custom tasks, etc. The game was inspired from El Presidente’s radio speech about a five year plan (although he says it will be done in four years). This section provides several tips for getting a better score in the game (note: any score above 100 is considered really good).

While there are many different backgrounds/traits you can use, the following will help massively increase your income  during the game:

Booze Baron

Rise to Power
Elected as Capitalist

Financial Genius

Booze Baron is a must as it will allow you to make tons of money quick. Elected as Capitalist will improve Factory Production by 20% and all the Traits help with production/income.

Things to Remember when Starting

1) All the buildings are free as is Quick Build.

2) Out of your 400 citizens, 100 are high school educated and 100 are college educated.

3) If citizens don’t have places to work, sleep, or eat then they will leave the island.

4) You can place (and even enable Quick Build) a lot of your buildings while the game is paused (great starting strategy).

5) To get a good  score, you need to be concerned with getting money into your Swiss Bank Account.

6) You only have five years. Use the time wisely.

The Booze Baron Starting Strategy
One of your first acts should be to build at least four Rum Distilleries, while setting them to accept imports. Build a lot of Sugar farms too, but keep in mind it will take awhile before they start getting sugar to your Rum Distilleries. You may want to boost your Import level, by clicking on the dock and move it up to $5,000 or $6,000. Safeguard the $25,000 you start with until you make your first big payday from the Rum Distilleries.

You can win the game and get a score of zero. The reason why is because the game is considered “extremely easy” since all buildings are free and there are a ton of resources. The easiness of the game is a major factor in the final score. Luckily there are some things to help get a better score.

Swiss Bank Account
To help boost your score, you’ll need to make some Swiss Bank Account money. You are already at a disadvantage for this, as issuing the Building Permit will get you nothing since all buildings are free in this five year challenge. Therefore, consider some of these other ways to get money into your Swiss Bank Account:

1) Build Banks and set them to Slush Fund.

2) Build the Mausoleum as soon as the game begins.

3) Build the Custom’s Office and set it to Customs Duty Evasion.

4) Build the Childhood Museum and set it to Retirement Fund (thanks Kenhotep)

The People
You still have to worry about the people. If you don’t have places for them to stay, worship, eat, or work then they will leave, rebel, or become criminals. You want all of them happily working for you the full five years so keep that in mind when developing a strategy.

If you have further tips regarding this challenge, please share them below in the Comments section. Thanks!


  1. Childhood Museum set to Retirement Fund

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