7 Flags Tropico Tips

The major theme of 7 Flags Tropico is Tourism.  Knowing this, we recommend you use a Custom Avatar with the following:

Pop Singer

Rise to Power
Hotel Corporate Buyout

Well Travelled

The selections above deal with these three major factors:

1) Tourism.
2) Faction Respect.
3) Foreign Respect.

Tourism is important because that’s the theme of the game and two of the major tasks deal with tourism rating and the number of tourists.

Faction Respect is important because you don’t want to have to build a big military, which wastes time towards your ultimate goal. So you want to keep them respectful of you. In addition, respect plays into overall happiness and one of the tasks deals with overall happiness.

Foreign Respect is important because you lack industry on the island and need several steady sources of income in order to build your tourism industry.

Start of Game Tip
As soon as the game starts, select the  Eternal Flame and change it to “Mundo Unito”. This will bring in an additional $1,000 from each Superpower every year after the first year.

First Task Tip
Your first task is to build a tourist dock. Keep in mind that there is no time limit for doing this.  Once you build the dock, the story really starts to take off. Therefore you may want to consider first establishing your income sources. Some good ideas are:

– Cattle Ranches (build several of these – up to 5). Use the “Smoked Beef” upgrade on at least half your ranches. Why not all? Because it covers you on optional tasks that ask you to export Beef or Smoked Beef. If you don’t care about that, do “Smoked Beef” on all your ranches.

– Build a farm for each food available. This not only helps with export $$$, but will also assist with food markets you have to build later on. The “variety of food available” also helps with the happiness of your people.

Once you have a nice flow of income going, find a place you want to build your Tourist district and place down your tourist dock. Our recommendation (which is by no means a requirement) is the beach on the opposite side of the island. There is a pyramid there and it is close to the “hidden” 7 rocks Enclave.

Security Sweep
When asked if you want to do a security sweep of your Palace, by all means say YES. It may cost you money, but it’s vital to your safety and you never know what may be found.

Going Forward
The two biggest tasks that will be given to you are:

– The 3rd task from the tribe leader if you make it that far – 55% happiness in five years.
– The final task of the game – 1,000 visitors in 20 years.

Keep these two things in mind going forward. You don’t want to hit the third task from the Tribe leader with a happiness under 50%, because it will be too hard to get it to 55% within five years. Thus work to keep your people happy at all times up until then. Some happiness factors include Job Quality (raise pay and remove “Sweat Shop” from jobs that have it selected), Edicts (social security, free housing, etc. can give temporary boosts), Housing quality (if you have electricity, add the air conditioning option to all your apartments and tenements – make sure you have enough), etc.

For the final task, make sure you have a lot of hotels, skyscrapers, etc. and have an airport built. Do these early. And have a lot of attractions / luxury attractions for people to spend their money on. Also – and this is important – if you completed the three tasks successfully, you can now use the 7  Rocks Enclave. Because Job Quality and Service Quality are through the roof (both over 200), set the Entry Fee to around $25. You’ll make some good money with this. I highly recommend you complete the three tasks given by the Tribe leader not only for that benefit, but because tourist spending is increased too if you succeed (even though you’re not told this in the game).

Building a Modern Art Museum and setting it to “Tropico Art” will make you money from both visitors visiting the museum and art pieces that are sold.

If you have additional tips based on how you played this scenario, please post them in the comments section below. If you are stuck and need help then also post in the comments section below.


  1. I am encountering a brutal glitch in the game. After the first part, where I build a Tourist Dock and accept or decline the sweep of the Palace…………………. nothing happened.

    I’ve been playing on until 1980s, and NOTHING has happened. I have a huge tourist industry and am making dough hand over fist, but nothing has come. Also, when the game said I had “better fight for my life” in regards to Rebels in the tunnel because of my lack of probing, the rebels never came.

    How long is it supposed to be until I get my next storyline prompt? It’s thirty game years into the 1980s and I have Tourism out the wazoo….. -but nothing!!!


    • I tried to duplicate your problem locally and online, but couldn’t. As I understand, you said “No” to the security sweep, got the message about an attack, and the attack never occurred. Has anyone else who said “no” to the security sweep encountered this problem? I went through and looked at the code and tried it several times, but it worked each time. Here’s what is supposed to happen:

      > You Say No.
      > You Get a Message that there is an attack.
      > Game waits 4 seconds.
      > Rebels (at least 4) attack the Palace.
      > Game waits 3 months.
      > Hotel Task begins.

      As I understand it, you only got to the first two steps, which means for some reason the game didn’t execute the rebel attack. And if it doesn’t do that then it can’t continue the script, meaning the game just continues with no more scripted actions. I really have no clue what happened, TS. If someone else duplicates this issue, please let me know. Thanks!

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