Isla de Gotham Superhero Tips

Isla de Gotham is a Superhero crimefighting challenge for Tropico 4.  Keep the theme in mind when selecting a character or custom avatar. We recommend the following settings:



War Hero

Rise to Power
Military Coup

Hard Working

Some things you want to focus on, which is why the above were selected, are:

1) Crime. Because you are a crime fighter, people expect you to lower crime. In fact, one trait requires a 90% Crime Safety Happiness!

2) Military. You will need the help of your military for a massive final battle with El Comodin. Increasing the skills of your military is important.

3) Income. One of the first things you want to do in the game is establish a flow of income (economic base for success).

At the beginning of the game you are given several options to help customize your experience. We would recommend the following choices:

– Free Apartments. Not only do you get unlimited apartments, but it also doesn’t cost anything to Quick Build apartments. So you can place apartments early, and often, to help keep happiness at a level that doesn’t produce rebels/criminals.

– $15,000 to Island Treasury. This will help you build an economic base right from the beginning of the game. The 50% ongoing increase in Foreign Aid is also a nice option as it continues throughout the entire game and eventually pays more than the $15,000 to Island Treasury. The drawback is that you have to wait for the money and it is in smaller increments.

–  Eliminate all Criminals Now. The Mark Criminals is a nice feature, however you can easily find criminals using Almanac > Lists > Job > Criminals. So we’d recommend “eliminate all criminals now” as it instantly gets rid of 30 criminals on your island. This is a great help right from the start.

Should You Enable Quick Build?
Yes! This is especially true if you selected “Free Apartments” because you can Quick Build apartments for free. If you decide not to enable Quick Build then it is disabled for the entire game.

What Should I do First?
Rebuild your dock! At the start, Penultimo runs in to say the dock has been destroyed (if you move the camera right to the dock when the game starts, you can see this happen). After that message, you go through a series of customizations and storyline screens. That may cause you to forget that you need to rebuild the dock.  You can move the dock, too, if desired. Since your dock is already destroyed, just build a new one where ever you want it. After building your dock, your focus should be on building an income base (i.e. ranches, farms, industries).

Are Tasks Timed?
Tasks are not timed. This means you can spend as many years as you want building out your island before completing a task.

When Should I Start Arresting Criminals?
We recommend you start this after the arrest criminals task comes up. Build at least 3 prisons and when they all get full, issue the “Off to Florida” edict. Even after the Arrest Criminals task is complete, you should keep arresting them until there are no more. This will help you with your Crime Safety Happiness Task where you have to get it to 90% satisfaction!

To Die or Not to Die
One of the tasks asks you if you will sacrifice your life to save Penultimo. Selecting YES will not end the game.

Going Forward
Military will be vital leading up to the end of the game. You will  be attacked by more than 100 of El Comodin’s goons (not to mention El Comodin and El Diablo too who will attack). Because you have Superhero powers, you’ll be able to help repel an army larger than yours. However, you can’t do it alone. You’ll need to build a lot of Armories / Army Bases / Guard Stations. The earlier in the game you start doing this, the easier it will be in the long run and the more time your Soldiers will have to build up their skill.

The Final Choice
Need help with the final choice after the massive battle at the end? There are three options (we won’t give away any spoilers here).

– Select the first option if you want one more story plot point.

– Select the second option if you want to pad your score.

– Select the third option to see something humorous.

Keep in mind that the Casino in the middle of the island can be destroyed (along with the expensive upkeep windmills) and replaced with whatever you want – including just road!

Interesting Notes

– Note that the island is a Superhero emblem in the middle (a symbol of hope), but it is surrounded by a big “C” . The big C stands for “Comodin.” El Comodin is the villain who controls the island when the game begins.

– Originally the game was scripted to have you recruit 100 soldiers. But in beta testing, it took way too long, so it was dropped to 50.

– In the final battle, the game is scripted to have both the Superheroes and the civilians eliminate just over 1/3rd of the attacking force. Your military has to do the rest.




  1. Very nice, fun to see how tropico handles a big gunfights, well done!

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