Isle of the Ancient Tropincas Cheat Sheet

Isle of the Ancient Tropincas is a fun challenge created by “Laurie” that uses a Reputation point system to determine when and if you win the game.  Points are based on the types of buildings you build. Below is an easy “cheat sheet” you can print to help you know which ones to build and which ones not to build.

Build (positive Reputation points)
Academy of Science
Ethnic Enclave
Balloon Ride
Blimp Hanger/Rider
Tour Office
Botanic Gardens
Colonial Museum

Don’t  Build (negative Reputation points)
Police Station
Fire Station
Guard Station
Radar Dish
Museum of Art
Aqua Park
Luxury Liner

Because the game does not allow you to build Industry, you will have to come up with alternative means of income.

How to Make Money without Industry
> Build Ranches and Enable the Smoked Beef Upgrade
> Build Tobacco, Sugar, and Coffee Farms
> Have El Presidente regularly visit your Farms and Ranches
> Use Traits/Background that benefit Foreign Relations, Tourism, Farming, or give you money every year.

Soldier Tip
If you own “The Junta” DLC, you can build a Bunker (no negative or positive points) in this challenge, which will allow you to have soldiers available to defend your island. Bunkers do not require Generals or Armories.

If you have any tips you’d like to share for this challenge, feel free to use the Comments section below…


  1. SapphireBullets says:

    A few tips:
    -If you’re uses to whacking up a few apartment blocks around some garages to transport your citizens the point cost on garages might seem harsh, but since you’ll be building low density housing it’s not so bad.
    -Cash Crops are a great way to make money. There’s a lot of good sugar land some some passable coffee soil around. Ranching is also a good option for this map.
    -Remember, without marketplaces, you’ll need to build farms growing edible food near your residential centres.
    -Bungalows are your friend, but remember you’ll need one maid for each of them.
    -Go for all the reputation boosting challenges. They’re easy points.
    -Near the end of the game, when you’re in striking distance of the goal, go around converting your ruins and colonial forts to museums for a reputation windfall.

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