New Tropico 4 DLC Launched – Plantador

(December 14, 2011) Kalypso today released a new DLC (Downloadable Content) for Tropico 4 users, this one titled Plantador. The new DLC is available for both the X-Box 360 and PC. It sells for $4.99.

Plantador includes:

– 1 new building; the Plantation. The Plantation is like an upgraded version of the farm for “money crops” (sugar, tobacco, and coffee). It allows more workers and buildings more fields with a higher production rate of crop.

– 1 new mission titled “Plantador”. El Presidente awakes on an island with no memories where he is recruited as the Presidente. He has to “earn” the right, through research, to unlock buildings and even infrastructure (like roads) to  build. Can El Presidente build a thriving island while solving the issue of his memory loss?

– 1 new hat; Sombrero.

– 1 new character trait; Plantador. The Plantador character trait increases the commodity price of sugar, tobacco, and coffee by 20%! But that’s not all. It also increases the education and skill training for farmers.

– New decorations that include a water tower, windmill, water reservoir, and flowers.

Plantador is the second DLC released by Kalypso for Tropico 4 users. The first was Junta, which was a military expansion.


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