New Stuff in Tropico 4: Modern Times Expansion

Tropico 4 Modern Times New Edicts(March 25, 2012) Here is a list of new things you can expect from the Tropico 4: Modern Times expansion that is being released this coming week:

New Campaign
The new campaign has 12 missions that take advantage of the new edicts and buildings. In addition, there are some new characters too!

Once you install Tropico 4: Modern Times, you can access the campaign by selecting Play from the Main Menu then by selecting the new Modern Times selection on the Play menu.

New Timeline
After you install and start playing the game, you’ll notice, above your almanac, a new clock icon. This is part of the new Timeline feature. In short, the Timeline feature controls when things happen (i.e. events or dates that unlock new buildings). You will  be able to see upcoming Timeline events by clicking on the clock icon, which brings up the Timeline Interface. Unlocking new buildings will always be the same on the timeline from game to game. Timeline events, however, change from game to game. What’s an event? Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? That’s just one of many Timeline events that will occur.

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New Timeline Feature in Tropico 4 Modern Times

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New Edicts
There are 10 new edicts in Tropico 4: Modern Times. You can access them by bringing up the Edicts menu and clicking the new Modern Times icon. The new edicts are:

1) Balloon Fair – It’s a Balloon Festival and will increase Tourism Rating and Entertainment Satisfaction by 20.
2) Police State – No criminals. Crime Safety boost. Liberty takes a hit.
3) Healthcare Reform – All your healthcare buildings (clinics, hospitals, etc.) get 4 new visitor slots!
4) Army Drill – The training of your soldiers is boosted by 50%, but some of them die in the process.
5) Special Diplomas – Some of your uneducated Loyalists will instantly receive a high school diploma and will be considered “high school graduates.
6) China Development Aid – Need workers? Issue this edict and China will send you 100 uneducated workers.
7) Internet Police – Liberty takes a hit, but you get advanced notice of any planned Rebel attacks, leaving you several months to prepare.
8) Ban Social Networks – Seems that the integrated Twitter/Facebook feature of Tropico 4 no longer works! Oh… and worker production increases.
9) Fertilize – While only available to be issued once, this edict increases the fertility of your soil on the entire island.
10) Festival of Love – Wow… it’s like the 60’s all over again… Flower power and peace baby! And speaking of baby, this edict creates a baby boom. Of course, tourists want a piece of the action and will spend more.

New Buildings
There are 30 new buildings in Tropico 4: Modern Times. As your timeline progresses, some of these buildings will replace other building in the game (i.e. Bio Farm replaces Farm). Here is a list of 26 of the new buildings:

1) Modern Apartments (lower crime, better living conditions)
2) Modern Condominium (house more people, better living conditions, lower crime)
3) National Bank (put more money in your  slush fund, offer loans, or greatly decrease building costs)
4) Business Center (a way to employee the unemployed!)
5) 7 Star Hotel (more tourist housing, lower crime, better room conditions)
6) Metro Station (all aboard! Finally a new transportation system!!!!)
7) Solar Plant (zero pollution, but needs upgrades to produce decent power)
8) Telecom HQ (ATT found its way to your island. Now everyone has cell phones. And that makes them happier at home and on the job. It also allows you to be a mean spammy telemarketer!)
9)  Aerodome (upgrade your airport and get educated immigrants coming your way in addition to more – and better – tourists)
10) Water Treatment Plant (not sure on the realism of this one – decreases pollution and is said to be a “better Garbage Dump”)
11) Santorium (better healthcare for Tropicans and an attraction for tourists)
12) Supermarket (higher food quality for your citizens that shop there)
13) Diamond Cathedral (better religion and increases surrounding Beauty – but please don’t place next to a Garbage Dump!)
14) Theater (Tropicans finally learn about Shakespheare! Tropicans and tourists alike will go here)
15) SWAT HQ (automatically execute criminals or better protect your citizens. Your choice)
16) Space Program (lets get a Shuttle launched! But you’ll need to complete several conditions first).
17) Bio Farm (farm multiple crops at once!)
18) Organic Ranch (smoked beef, goat cheese, and llama wool all at once! Funny, I thought “organic” meant better animal conditions, but this is Tropico so shhhhhhh.)
19) Borehole Mine (why mine with picks when you can Borehole mine any nearby deposits and still get something when they are “depleted”)
20) Fish Farm (more fish! And what’s that I caught in my net? Shrimp too?)
21) Car Factory (and you wondered where all those cars on Tropico came from. Now you know. It’s a factory that uses iron and bauxite.)
22) Electronics Factory (forget “made in China”. These are “made in Tropico” using bauxite and gold.)
23) Presidency (bye bye Palace and hello Presidency. Soldiers replaced by SWAT and you get 6 of them.)
24)  Ziggurat (house 50 families in one building!)
25) Babble Tower (El Presidente wants to make some extra money on the side with this nice privately-owned rentable tower)
26) Ship-O-Rant (Bad name and replaces that cute little restaurant)

Here is a link to Tropico 4: Modern Times at

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