Tropico 4 Weekend Steam Discount

(November 4, 2011) Online gaming service Steam has slashed the price of Tropico 4 from $39.99 to $26.79, which is a 33% discount. The sale is only good Friday, November 4 through Sunday, November 6. The sale comes one day after Kalypso released the first DLC pack for Tropico 4 called “The Junta”.

Tropico 4 sales have not been released by Kalypso, but a representative of the company stated on Kalypso forum, in October, that sales have been good enough to continue working on the series. While Tropico 4 didn’t break into the Top 10 charts of PC game sales (nor was it expected to), it did come in at #10 for Best Sellers on Steam in late September.

In addition to the Tropico 4 discount, Steam has also slashed the prices of Tropico 3: Gold Edition by 66%.

For XBox 360, Tropico 4 has sold more than 38,000 copies worldwide since being released a few weeks ago.


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