Funny Tropico 4 Bug – Two Ports

This is a strange – and somewhat comical – bug in Tropico 4 that happens when you have more than two ports and a “cove” where they are located. As you can see, one ship will go through a dock to get to its own dock. But the more strange issue is what the ship does at the first dock when it leaves. It heads right for land the POOF – it magically disappears!  The end of the second video also has a humorous radio commentary.

Update: Ironically, Kalypso says this is not a bug. They say it’s the result of two docks being placed in a narrow channel. I have a ton of respect for Kalypso and its developers. However, to say a ship running into land then disappearing is not a bug is pretty far-fetched as the second video clearly shows.

Video 1

Video 2 (separate time and view)


  1. I had something like this in my game.

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