Tropico 4 Modern Times Video

Below are two videos that feature in-game footage with voice-over comments by Kalypso Media JR Product Manager Peter Lytle. One of the tough jobs that Peter has is to play games in advance to get a good working knowledge of them. And there’s no doubt that he is having a lot of fun with Tropico 4: Modern Times (expansion pack for Tropico 4). In this two part video, Peter walks us through some of the new features while not holding back commentary on his dictator style. He makes several funny comments, including near the beginning when describing his island:

“This is the Free Democratic People’s Republic of Tropico and it is not free nor particularly democratic or for the people”

It’s fun dialogue like this – along with the chance to see advanced footage of Modern Times – that makes the video so enjoyable. Part 2 gives some depth into the new aspect of transportation – the Metro. Doesn’t seem too advanced (as you don’t place tunnels), but should be an interesting new aspect…

Tropico 4: Modern Times Video – Part 1

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Tropico 4: Modern Times Video – Part 2

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