Tropico 4 FAQ

The following is frequently asked questions and answers about Tropico 4. If you have a question that is not listed here, feel free to contact us.

How do you rate online challenges?
When you select Challenges > Browse > Online you are presented with a list of challenges that people have uploaded. The challenges are sorted by a field called Ratings. This leads you to believe there is a way to “rate” challenges so that they appear higher on the list. Unfortunately, this is misleading. Ratings is really “score submissions”. Every time you finish an online challenge, the Win screen gives you the opportunity to “Submit Score”. When you submit your score, that challenge gets a +1 “rating”.

How is the Final Score determined?
There are many factors that go into your final score, including  (but no limited to):

– The worth of your island (i.e. buildings, etc.)
– The amount of money in your treasury when the game ends.
– The amount of money in your Swiss Bank Account (earned on that map) when the game ends.
– How many residents you have on your island.
– How happy your residents and factions are.

Where can I get the main background theme song for Tropico 4?
The main theme is a song (and CD) called “Cafe Tropical” by ¬†Johannes Linstead. Here is the Amazon link to buy it. Two of the songs on the CD appear in the game.

Where can I discuss the game with other fans?
The main discussion forum is on the game-maker’s Website. Here’s the link to their Tropico forum. Also, we encourage you to interact with fans via the Comments section of the various posts on


  1. can not get the recruited secret agent to work in survival campain 8,i have ministry,intier man and police station???

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